Database Development
Secured and customised web based database applications that can be accessed from anywhere.
Custom Build Database
We have worked with some of the largest companies and revolutionised their brands. Our teams have developed flexible, scalable, enterprise-level core business applications that are fully integrated with existing software and processes.
Customer Relationship Management- CRM
For modern businesses, CRM is an irreplaceable tool. The right CRM solution can help your business grow by providing insight into sales, productivity and customer engagement. CRM systems provide an effective way to coordinate and automate sales/marketing communications, customer service and customer support. and improve the way your business engages with its customers.
Business Intelligence
Are you facing challenges in accessing, managing and utilising your existing business data? Getting an accurate picture of your business information can be extremely difficult. Business information is currently managed through a number of different systems, and manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone. DOUGLAS IT's Business Intelligence solutions help you reduce costs, control business activities and increase revenues through data processing.

Delivering Intelligent, cost-effective, custom software solutions for companies.