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Workplace Health Solutions is an Australian healthcare service, providing check-up services to assist with monitoring the mental and physical condition of employees in organisations.

Workplace Health Solutions were using a third-party application for collecting data from those they assist through a questionnaire. Answers were manually exported to an excel file for calculations and report generation, and individual reports were created this way for every employee of their partner organisations. These reports were then combined to present a holistic health status report, including data graphs, for the whole staff of each organisation.

Creation of these reports was very time-consuming, and it was negatively impacting the productivity of Workplace Health Solutions. Organisations are naturally managed through distinct departments, so collecting and processing data from each of these using an outdated manual management system was producing the following challenges:

Report generation was incredibly time-consuming and tedious for staff.

Human errors were causing inaccuracies in their health status reports.

The company was spending huge amounts on unnecessary wages.


Workplace Health Solutions




Brisbane, Australia




We performed in-depth analysis of Workplace Health Solutions’ processes and worked with their team to develop an understanding of the key factors for successful service delivery. We also examined their current management application, including the financials, to clearly evaluate their current position.

We then designed a custom web and mobile solution which was to be able to perform on Tablet and Mobile devices. This software enables the team at Workplace Health Solutions to collect and process data more effectively and streamlines things further by automating the report generation process.

Using our application, data is collected from organisations stage by stage. The various levels of data collection, allows for a more structured client experience. First, nurses or clinical staff enter data by asking employees or patients the information on the questionnaire. Next, doctors review the data to ensure it is accurate, with each individual patient’s data requiring approval. Finally, the system automatically generates the combined organisation health status report as a PDF, featuring all relevant charts and data.


Through implemention of our custom software, Workplace Health Solutions has significantly reduced their manual workload, lowering their operational costs and dramatically increasing their productivity and therefore profitability.

Automated report generation makes the for a much smoother client experience, with partners receiving their reports faster than ever. Workplace Health Solutions can now access and send individual employee health reports as well as combined company health status reports quickly and easily, resulting in a much more effective workforce.

The newly structured data collection protocol avoids human error, ensuring the accuracy of data going into the system, allowing the team to have a high level of confidence the reports they produce.

Across the board, the shift from chaotic and manual, to structured and automated, has led to amazing results for Workplace Health Solutions. They’re now getting better results on a smaller budget, thanks to our highly streamlined software solution.

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